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“My husband said to me when we got the pool that he would have nothing to do with maintaining it… Of course this made me nervous, but I love how easy maintaining our pool is with the Frog system. It is so simple – all I have to do is change the canister every 3 weeks and clean the filter with the hose… I hardly ever have to really vacuum the pool.  With the Dolphin S50 – at the end of the day – throw it in – 2 hours later your pool is clean and the water crystal clear!  Big Fan of both of these products and the ease they have put on our lives - maintaining our pool.” – Rebecca P. 


 “We have three very active boys. Both my husband and I work full time, and our weekends are spent at the soccer field. When Sunday rolls around we don’t have to pack up and fight traffic on the way to the beach. We just grill some burgers and relax on our beautiful deck while the boys splash around in the pool. We have spent countless summer evenings swimming as a family, I wish we had installed our pool years ago.” – Joe P.


“Swimming has been a part of mine and my wife’s life since we were children. Since our children were born, we have worked hard to make it a part of their life as well. For many years we traveled to pools at YMCA’s and town parks and our children developed a love of the water and all was well. This arrangement, however, would not last and between our work schedules and the kid’s activity schedules pool time was rapidly disappearing. We began looking into the idea of bringing the pool to us. We were confident that if we had a pool, it would get used. We reached out to neighbors that had pools and were directed to a company in Plainville. The first thing that drew us to Paradis was that it is a family owned local company. Vic came out and spoke to us about our options and right away we knew they were the ones to go with. They installed our pool with amazing speed and quality and had our kids swimming the day they put it in. I can say, weather permitting, we swim every day during the summer. The frog system keeps the water clean with minimal time and effort. I am most grateful for Paradis’s recommendation of the Dolphin pool robot which keeps dirt out of the pool leaving me to do other things. Thank you, Paradis, for a great experience and the lifetime of memories we will have in our pool.” - Joe & Erin G.


“We had the pleasure of working with Paradis Pools during the summer of 2018.  They helped us transform our tired backyard into an oasis our family and friends will enjoy for years to come!  We put in an above ground pool and a beautiful deck.  The entire experience was smooth, and it was a real pleasure to work with the Paradis Family!    I will be the first to admit, I never ever wanted a pool.  We had a pool when I was a kid and it was a lot of work.  Testing the chemical levels daily and hours vacuuming the pool, really took the fun out of it after a while.  This was my perception until I met with Paradis Pools.   From our very first meeting, Vic and the Paradis team discussed the various options available to help make life a little easier.  We are a typical busy family of four!  We work full time and kids are in several activities/ sports.  Considering a pool was a big step for us.  Hearing about some of the products that Paradis offers helped in our decision making.  After learning about these offerings, we added them to our package.  We purchased the FROG Mineral/ Chlorine system and the Dolphin S50 automatic vacuum.    Boy, things have come a long way!    The FROG system is great!  It’s a mineral based system which uses less chlorine than other pool systems.  This is great because your spending less on chemicals and its less irritation on your skin. It’s a set it and forget it system.  You place in a torpedo pac once every week or two, test your water about 1x per week and the system does the rest!  I actually wondered if I should be doing more than I was.    The Dolphin S50 is an automatic vacuum you place in the pool.  It took some getting used to, but it does a great job and after an hour or two the pool is all vacuumed up.  You empty the basket and put it away until its next use.  This, similar to the FROG system, is set it and forget it.  You plug it in and drop it in the pool and it does the rest.”- Jim B


 "After having a summer with the FROG and Dolphin S50, I have to say, I put these inventions right up there with some of the best inventions and modifications of all time.  Not having grown up with a pool, I was nervous about all the hours I would spend checking chlorine and chemical levels and cleaning and maintaining the thing.  In fact, none of that was the case.  The FROG system makes chemical maintenance a breeze.  I set a reminder in my phone for every two weeks to check the's that simple.  All summer, we never had any issues with the pool smelling like chlorine or too many chemicals, and our water was crystal clear all year.  I wish I invented the's so easy to use.  My 8 year old learned how to set it up and use it, so I don't do any pool cleaning anymore!  It was well worth the investment!  The extra time saved was well spent in the pool or on the grill cooking all summer.   My neighbor in Berlin saw the Dolphin at work one day, and told me he was tired of cleaning his pool (which he bought one year before and didn't get a Dolphin), and that in 2019 he was going to join the Dolphin Club!  All in all, we had a great summer and are looking forward to opening the pool can't happen soon enough!" -Brian J. 


 "Thank you all so much for making our dream of having our own "Paradis" in our own backyard. We are blown away with how beautiful the pool and deck look."- Jen H. 


 "Oh my goodness! Pleasant, polite, & prompt! Thank you for the gorgeous new liner. You and your crew are awesome, as is your office staff!" - Paul & Ruth H. 


 "Hi Paradis, now that the season is over I just wanted you all to know how pleased I was with my pool installation. (One day- Wow!) and the pool itself. Got to enjoy it well into September. Happy Customer!" - Glenn K. 


"You are all the greatest! We are so grateful and can't be more satisfied or happy with our pool. Superb experience from the store visit on July 6 to the first dip on July 13th! Thanks!" - Bob & Kathy Y. 


 "Vic and Staff, Thank you very much for installing the new pool liner. You are all so nice, accommodating, and always helpful!"

- Will & Steph G. 


"To Vic and all the Wonderful Staff of Paradis Pools- We want to Thank You for everything you have done. We had a pool and deck installed and it was done with expertise and completed as promised!!! In one week our deck was up and memorial Day weekend was so enjoyable!! Awesome Job!!" - Tom and Jeanine B. 




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