After the installation of your swimming pool, our Landscaping Crew can come out to do a quick grade of the earth, creating a natural down slope from the base of the pool. We then install durable, high quality plastic edging approximately two feet from the base of the pool. This will give a sufficient amount of space to use the stone as a walk around. We lay down and secure waterproof, contractor grade plastic sheeting. Atop the plastic sheeting, we drop and spread your choice of landscaping stone.


Benefits of proper plastic and stone installation:

-Protection from winder frost heave which can weaken the structure of your pool forcing your pool out of level.


-Protection from water flow which can make the foundation material wash out from underneath the pool (forming divets and channels).


-Keeps the base of the pool clean which will promote durability and longevity of the swimming pool.


-Creates a finished look to your swimming pool project.


Stone Choices:

3/4" Washed Native Stone

1 1/4" Washed Native Stone

1 1/4" Northern White Stone

3/4" Northern White Stone



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